Are You Tired of The Inefficient and Time-Wasting Old Methods of Soil Stabilization, Dust Control and Road Construction? If You Are Looking For More Cost-Effective, Environmental, And Long-Lasting Solutions 
Find out in a FREE no-obligation technical consultation how you can achieve level of strength higher than lime and similar of that of cement, achieves CBR values of more than 100% and, control dust with no water for months and even years with only one application....while saving thousands even millions of dollars in the process. 
(Valued at $999)
In your FREE, no-obligation technical consultation we will take a deep dive into the problems you´re experiencing with dust control, soil stabilization and Road Construction. The more we know about your problems and challenges, the more we will be able to help you. 

You´ll get expert advice on how you can turn site won materials into quality fill without the need to import quarried materials to your construction site, how to achieve high levels of strength and CBR values, and how to control dust for months and years with no water.

Our intentions at heart are to help you solve your problems and advice you on the best possible solution when it comes to soil stabilization, road construction, and dust control.

FREE, No–Obligation technical consultation (worth $999)
This is just a tiny fraction of what you will discover in your technical call with us: 
How to control dust for months even years without the need to apply water 3-4 times a day.
How to achieve higher strength and CBR values than traditional methods of soil stabilization such as lime and aggregates. 
How to save time and money in your soil stabilization and road construction projects.
How to decrease maintenance and operations costs by at least 30%.
How to avoid costly fines by environmental regulators that can eventually decrease your profit margin.
Our closely-guarded strategy
This strategy is what we have used to give our clients peace of mind in their soil stabilization, dust control and road construction projects. 
We will make a full assessment of your project problems and advice on the best possible solution.
Test our products and see for yourself how it can help you solve your soil stabilization and dust control problems, and on your second order, we will refund you the full purchase amount of the testing. 
(Valued at $999)
Who are we?
We are a Global Innovative Engineering Technology Company that offers the most efficient and cost-effective solutions in soil stabilization, roads construction, dust suppression, and erosion control via 100% ecological products. 
Our technologies, esoliTSS™, econTDS™, and esumTST are specifically manufactured by the highest standard of quality to guarantee long-lasting results and to reduce the negative impact that conventional soil stabilization, roads construction, and dust suppression methods have on the environment, amongst other benefits. 
Who have approached us?
Motivated by the need to use greener practices and be part of the inevitable movement towards sustainable mining, we have been approached by the likes of Anglo American, Newmont, IamGold, Aluminum Corporation of China, Nexa Resources, Barminco, LafargeHolcim, amongst others, to provide cutting-edge solutions that best suit their soil stabilization and dust control needs. 
Don´t take our word for it and see what our customers are saying...👷🏼‍♂️
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If you are involved in any of these industries, we can help you
Civil Construction
Roads Construction
Oil & Gas 
Waste Management
Renewable Energy
Are you protecting your most valuable asset?
I´m not referring about your plant and equipment, I´m talking about your PEOPLE!
Did you know that more than 4.2 million people die every single year due to air pollution? This isn´t a number we came up with randomly, it´s a statistic coming from the World Health Organization. The WHO also shows that 9 out of 10 people breathe air that exceeds WHO guideline limits containing high levels of pollutants.

Make sure your employees breathe clean and safe air in your construction site or mining operations.

Do you want to be ahead of the curve and ahead of your competitors in soil stabilization and road construction practices?
The traditional methods of soil stabilization involve the use of imported quarried materials, cement, lime, and bitumen; all of them are highly pollutant to the environment and increase significantly traffic movement, operational costs, time of application, and tax payment such as the environmental taxes and waste disposal taxes. All of these factors will ultimately lead to higher costs and LESS profit for you. 
Test our products and see for yourself how it can help you solve your soil stabilization and dust control problems, and on your second order, we will refund you the full purchase amount of the testing. 
(Valued at $999)
Are you asking yourself the following questions?
If you are, the free no-obligation technical consultation is for you!
How to stabilize soils without hurting my budget and the planet?

How can I do to pay no aggregate levy and no landfill tax? Is there a way?
How can I control dust with no water for long period of time?

How do I increase productivity?
How can I optimize my soil stabilization and road construction projects?
How do I move my company to more sustainable practices?
Case Studies
Project: ESG9002 – Gravel Road
Soil Stabilization – Road construction
Soil Stabilization – Road construction
Project: ESG9001 – Slag
Do you want to know what we have done over the last years? 
Download now some of our past projects and find out how we gave peace of mind to our clients. 
Because We Like To Share What We Know
It´s ok if you are not ready for the technical consultation just yet.
You can access our FREE reports at any time. 
Things You Must Do To Your Mining Haul Road That Will Help You Increase Productivity And Lower your Operating Costs
You will discover how to: 
How to avoid truck accidents on your mining haul road forever!
You need water to control dust, right? WRONG!
Say goodbye to high maintenance costs.
Some mind-blowing facts about dust.
Crucial Considerations You Must Take into Account When Stabilizing Soils (Not doing these and your project can end in Disaster)
Achieve high CBR value.
Ensure the end result lives up to standard.
You will discover how to: 
Make sure your project doesn't end up in a financial loss.
How to eliminate the use of expensive aggregates!
Alarming Things You Must Not Do When Stabilizing Soils (Not Knowing these Could Cost You Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars)
How to avoid costly mistakes.
How to avoid delays in your project.
You will discover how to: 
How taking care of the environment can save you money.
No worries, you can still access FREE high value content about soil stabilization, road construction, and dust and erosion control. 
Still not ready for your FREE, no-obligation technical consultation?
We are about sharing knowledge as much as we are about innovating and delivering great results to our customers. 
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